Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Learning to Catch a Tigger

How do you catch a tiger? I don't know, but I'm learning how to motivate people and that's an improvement towards the question. I catch a tiger by knowing someone who can catch a tiger, so they can at least tell me how. When people call in at work and ask "can you answer my questions?" I always answer, "yep and if I can't, I know someone who can!" and that's seems to satisfy them. I've decided its not about knowing everything, but about your ability to use you resources. Anyone can use google, but can you use google good? Can you use lexus-nexus and actually find something useful? How about the library catalog? Or even finding your own stuff hidden in your own black hole? What's the use of having so much information and never being able to find it, organize it and use it? Ever heard of the deep web? Go google it or wikipedia it. and nouns become verbs and verbs become nouns. Crazy language. Sometimes I think language is the barrier between finding the right thing and having millions of things. Google "stuff" 591 MILLION in about .15 seconds. Yeah, see? How am I going to find anything if everything is labeled "stuff" or "things" or "that one" Let's be precise. Tell me exactly how to catch a tiger, and its possible. Tell me to take that thing and point it over there and suddenly I'm shooting at myself.

I've started my presidential candidate review... but no peaking until it's done. It's gonna be a hoot. I'm trying not to focus on McCain & Hillary too much. Look for it. It's a creative and wonderfully funny review. (in 2004, it won awards)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Almost 6 Months!

I've almost been married for 6 months!!

It doesn't feel like that. It feels like it was so recent. Seriously, over spring break I put my wedding pictures into albums-- not even scrapbooked and put away. I haven't even gotten any big ones yet.

It's exciting to see the small milestones pass our way, but its more important just to enjoy life!! Whooppee! We like being together, eating dinner and playing at the farm with the calves. So excting.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Grumpy Old Men

I hate it when my husband is grumpy.

Today, he brought me lunch and told me that he had to give a shot to a calf. And if he stuck himself with the needle by accident, he would die in 50 seconds. I wasn't really sure how to react to that statement. Do I cry and get all worried? Or do I shrug it off like it's no big deal. I did learn, don't say, "well, call me if you do, maybe I can get your life insurance increased in 50 seconds."

I thought it was funny.

What do you do? I'm not much to worry about him, he does take care of himself, sorta. He wouls starve and have dirty clothes without me. His shirts would be wrinkled and he would not know what was going on in the world. But, he does take care of me, he makes sure I don't freezes at night and helps make ends meet (financially).

Needless to say, he's been grumpy all evening and I don't know what to do, except love him.

Monday, March 5, 2007

MySpace and FaceBook

It's crazy. If it's not MySpace, it's Facebook or Second Life. I don't like facebook because it lacks a MUSIC SCENE. I'm not a teenager. I just like my music. See my other blog about music. I LOVE ANBERLIN. But everyone is on facebook, so I guess I'm joining the band wagon. If you know my add me, honestly I probably won't spend a lot of time looking you up. Look for Angela in the Utah State Network.

Anyway, browsing around its fun to see people I went to highschool and before that school with. It's kinda fun. But sometimes it hurts too. Because I use to be in the pictures with them!! And they are having fun without me and I can't be there. It's different I guess when you go and get married. I still have friends, but the number dwindled. That and I've been a little recluse lately. I need to post more pictures and take more time to write my thoughts down. All the wishes that I 'll probably never get to. Little bit at time!

Sing yourself a good song.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Welcome to another random note.

My husband and I use Netflix. Somehow, Open Season got into our Que. Crazy movie. How does Disney come with all these weird ideas? A bear that doesn't belong in the woods, what's next? I personally prefer the originals-- Snow White, Peter Pan. And if it isn't something off the wall, it's a sequal to one which almost ruins the original. Overrated.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

LOL to Devotion!

So, rumor has it, I should be good at this, but yet, I don't feel devoted to the cause.

A friend (who acts gay, but claims straight) told me once he starts blogging, it hours until he stops. And further more, bloggers apparently respond to news-- especially the Mrs. Clinton's bid for President. I like Democrats, usually call myself one, but if she wins the nominations, I think its safe to say, I will declare myself a Republican and apply for a visa to move to Canada, or some other foreign country that she won't ruin in her path of destruction. I don't like her.

Back to my topic. Devotion. If you like something, you should do it. I like to write, and I should do it. But its also alot like reading. I do so much of it for school that I feel no desire to do it for pleasure. But I should, because I like to write. And I need the practise. How would your boss feel if he asked for a writing sample and you printed a blog? That would be funny, but I wonder if it would work.

Back to this blogging for hours.... how do you blog for hours? I hear its an art, and I don't quite get it all yet. Do you just read other people's blogs and add comments? Or write about topics beyond imagination? Or just spew all the words that people don't want to listen to onto a typing canvas and call it art?

We'll see.

I'm still working on Devotion.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Today's schooling story.
The first day of JCOM 4020 was cancelled. Day 1 was moved to today. So, la-de-dah I'm a senior these days and most of my classes are on the same subject in the same building. I stopped "scouting" out my classes after my first semester. Looking ahead to see where classes were ahead of time, forget it! Yeah, so today my class was in SSHD. Now, most of the buildings on campus are appropriately labeled; BUS is the Business Building, AgSci is the Ag Science build, the LC is the Learning Center, etc. The SSHD? I can't think of a subject or building that would come close. I don't have any idea what to do. I have 7 minutes to class and I don't even know what side of campus I should be on. The treasure hunt begins. Do you think anybody has any idea where SSHD is? No. Do I have a campus map? No. But I know where one is, so I troop over to the freshman-crowded map. There is no building labeled SSHD!!
There are a few randomly scattered buldings that are not big enough to contain a label, so they have numbers. So, I check the list. Unfortuntely, the map is covered in rain-stained plastic and you can only read half the letters, but I swear that building number 17 says "storage shed." Are we really to point of holding class in a storage shed? What's next? Holes to relieve ourselves in? I knew the states are cutting back funding, but come on...
So, I troop across the snow to find my storage shed of a classroom.

The real irony of the story, it's a fully equipped technology classroom. The class has a full projector, computer, etc. The desks are pretty decent and the heating really works.